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iPad POS Specialists

Honor Business Solutions specializes in tablet point of sale systems and are rooted in the belief that our products and integrations benefit a broad range of merchants.

We offer integrated solutions with features, benefits, and functionality  to help merchants grow their business through interfacing with a number of POS systems.

Our Approach

Honor Business Solutions is a customer focused organization with long term partnerships in mind. Everything we do revolves around the basic drive to keep our customers happy by providing them superior technology and services. We take a consultative approach in finding you the right point of sale solution for your business. Whether you are a restaurant, retail, quick service restaurant, boutique, salon or coffee shop, we will work closely with you to design an affordable solution that will meet your needs.

Honor Squad

Customer Experience Innovators

We are determined to build a company focused on providing top technology solutions supported by an honest and competent staff.





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