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Coffee Shop


Coffee Shop POS System

Coffee shops operate in a high paced world where the number of transactions drive the bottom line. Their low average ticket and high transaction volume come with their own unique software requirements. Our Coffee Shop POS systems will have you navigating through your most high volume days with ease. Our point of sale software will help you to manage everything from your employee hours to your inventory.


Bar Codes

Our software can also work with barcode scanners to help reduce your checkout time. With custom label printing you can quickly scan premade and packaged inventory without losing a beat. The convenient back end access will give you the insight to track hourly sales or sort items by margin giving you the data to keep pace with the most demanding merchants.


Time Clock

The Coffee Shop POS will allow you to track and manage employee hours with ease. All reports are exportable to Microsoft Excel making it easy to work with your accountant or payroll service.


Remote Access

Depending on the architecture of the system you choose you will either have access to a live back office URL or an integration through Dropbox. Either way, your software will enable you to remotely track your sales, returns, employee hours, discounts, voids, returns, etc.


Easy to Navigate Menus

Every menu is customizable to fit your needs. Use color coding and designated pages to configure a menu that is easy for your cashiers to use. According to CNN the average American spends nearly an hour each day on their smartphone. This makes for an easy transition to tablet based POS system and shortens cashier training.


These are just a few highlights for the systems we support. Contact us today for a free demo and quote!

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