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Since the late 1800s cashiers, store owners and clerks have been using some form or another of a traditional cash register. For almost one hundred years retailers and restaurateurs used these large mechanical cash registers to ring sales, make change and tabulate the day’s total. These behemoths made lots of noise, had limited functionality and took up a large amount of precious counter space. Despite their shortfalls, they succeeded in completing some critical tasks; minimize human error, expedite the checkout process and increase the amount of reporting a store can collect. The basic premise for all POS systems has remained the same since it’s creation; increase operational efficiency.

Fast forwarding about 100 years we started to see our cash registers become electronically operated, known as ECR’s (Electronic Cash Registers). Modernization meant that they decreased in size and added some functionality. With the adoption of computer both commercially and for personal use these ECRs spawned the full blown point of sale solution. These mostly PC based systems operated on desktop computers and eventually all-in-one touch screen hardware. They offered detailed information, reporting, controls, and even enterprise level data. This brings us to today’s solution…

The new kid on the block is the pos tablet. These cloud based subscription mobile pos systems are easily available with user interfaces that are familiar to smart phone using cashiers and owners alike. These solutions generally lay squarely between a cash register and a full blown POS system in terms of price. Tablet POS systems will continue to see rapid traction because they are affordable like a cash register and offer almost all of the functionality of a POS. The US population has rapidly adopted tablet technology and this will continue to flow into the way we manage our businesses. After more than 150 years the purpose remains the same, increase operational efficiency. Tablet POS solutions has simply made this technology more accessible and available to the masses.


Key Features of the POS Tablet


Easily Edit Screens

Choose exactly how your items are arranged on the pos tablet, so you can assure that popular items are easy to find for cashiers and servers.

Stay On Top of Inventory

Track your entire inventory, including pricing and quantities. Offer choices with modifiers and know when to order more supplies.

Get to Know Your Customers

Save customer information on every purchase and greet regulars with their favorite items! Send marketing emails.

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