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Traditional POS systems operate on local servers or CPUs located in either the back office or within the touchscreen monitor itself. Tablet and other cloud based point of sale systems have changed this structure by removing almost all of the software from the retail or restaurants physical location. The downloaded application on the tablet simply acts as a gateway to the Point of Sale developers servers. Software providers like POS Lavu, Shopkeep POS and NCR Silver all provide subscription based point of sale which eliminate the need for any onsite information storage. The advantage to this model is that you no longer have to pay for upgrades, software maintenance or data access. Cloud based systems allow you to access your reporting and backend from anywhere without having to use a potentially vulnerable VPN or portal to access your system. The accessibility, ease of use and versatility of the Online POS system makes it a great solution for most retail and restaurant applications.

What You Should Know


Robust systems to meet your POS needs: 1. Remote Access from Anywhere 2. Cloud Based Security 3. Easy Setup and Configuration 4. Quick Access to Reports


Spending less time with your POS and more time running your business! The system is Affordable with Automatic Upgrades. Use less counter space with the modern design.

Things to Keep In Mind

Cloud based systems do require a stable internet connection and are not recommended for rural area or areas with inconsistent connectivity. A speed of 6MB/sec Download and 1MB/sec Upload or better is required for optimum performance.

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