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Ice Cream Shop

 Ice Cream Shop POS System

An ice cream shop POS has to have the right combination of many factors; speed, accessibility, minimal counter space and a great user interface. A modern POS from Honor Business Solutions is the right fit for your store. You can run all of your transactions, manage your cash flow, expenses and employees all from one fantastic piece of software.


Speed- We only work with the best in breed. We have partnered with POS systems that are designed for quick service restaurants making multiple transactions a cinch! Your cashiers will be able to quickly get through your longest customer lines.


Accessibility- As an owner/operator you need to stay on top of ice cream sales with accurate, up to date reporting. Our software allows you to stay intouch with all of the reporting you need to run a successful business. Access your data from the store, back office or your home. The native iPhone application will allow you to see the most vital information in real time.


Counter space- The layout and customer flow of an ice cream or gelato shop is vitally important to its success. You pay top dollar for every square foot making it key to use your floor and counter space wisely. Our iPad POS systems are sleek, mobile and modern leaving a small footprint with an appealing design.


User interface is a key component in any piece of software, especially when that software is being trusted with your business operations. Our POS systems have an intuitive functionality allowing for a short learning curve and universally accessible experience. Cashiers processing your gelato and ice cream sales will quickly come up to speed, minimizing training time.

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