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iPad Point of Sale with Style and Expertise

Honor Business Solutions has the expertise and flexibility to work with many merchant verticals. An iPad POS system paired with our supporting products and experience in implementation will give your business the competitive edge needed for success. We will not just provide you with any solution, we will provide you with the right solution for your business. Give us a call to better understand how you can benefit from a strategic partnership with us.


iPad Point of Sale Systems


Increase sales, track costs, manage inventory, reduce overhead and expenses with one of our POS solutions! We are an authorized dealer of ShopKeep POS, POS Lavu, Ambur POS and NCR Silver.  Providing Denver POS systems that will meet your operational and financial needs.



Payment Processing

Get an honest assessment of your credit card processing from HBS and top of line service from our partnership with Mercury.  You’ll receive best in class payments technology, knowledge, and the nations best customer service along with competitive pricing. We have chosen Mercury as our top provider because of their dedication to working with POS software developers to make accepting payments seamless and simple.


Supporting Products

Gift Cards                       Back Office Reporting

Customer Loyalty                Advanced Funding

Online and Mobile Ordering

POS Supplies                             Flexible Terms

Employee Training                      24/7 Support


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