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Sandwich Shop

Just like a great hero, sub or slider a great Sandwich Shop point of sale system has many layers. Combining the right ingredients will give you years of reliable service and increased operational efficiency.


The Bread- The foundation starts with the basics, the hardware is the nuts and bolts of any system. Apple has made quality products that outlast and better hold their value compared to their PC counterparts for years. The iPad is the basis of our systems providing robust features and security. In addition to their superior performance, if something does happen to them, a replacement unit is simply an electronic store away!


The Meat- Our POS applications provide the brains to the hardware. These robust applications will provide the drive for your cashiers to handle the longest of lines with ease. They provide you with real-time remote reporting so that you can stay on top of your business sales and expenses. Whenever and wherever you are, you will stay informed with accurate information about your business.


The Cheese- Additional hardware options like kitchen printers, wall mount stations for phone orders and scales all serve as compliments to the core system. They provide the flexibility and scalability for a deli to provide; meat be the pound, cater to phone in orders and run multiple checkout counters.


The Toppings- Just like the sandwiches you serve in your deli or sandwich shop, our systems provide a wide variety of customizations from; button colors to loyalty functionality with customer tracking. In addition to our custom reporting we give you and your accountant everything you need to manage expenses, track employees, manage taxes, etc.

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