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Many business owners have heard the terms “PCI Compliance” (Payment Card Industry Compliance) thrown around during many stages of a merchant’s lifetime. Card Data Security is an important aspect of commerce today and will continue to be so in the future.  The fact remains that compliance is, and always will be, an ever changing process constantly evolving to stay ahead of the criminal element.

We are frequently asked, in our opinion, what a merchant should do to remain PCI compliant. The response is always the same, “everything you can”. While the rules and guidelines issued by the PCI counsel aren’t exactly light reading it is important to educate ourselves and protect our businesses as much as possible. Here are a couple quick tips that we always recommend.


What You Should Know

Be Aware and Maintain Your Equipment

Don’t ever leave customers information unprotected. That means on a countertop or an unencrypted file. Don’t store unnecessary data like full card numbers and expiration dates, why increase your liability? Maintaining your equipment means anti-virus, security updates, closing any open ports and staying in line with PCIs equipment guidelines. The analogy we’re often told is that criminals will always choose an open door over a closed one. Make sure to close all of your system’s “doors”.

Stay Proactive

Stay up to date with your PCI self-assessment questionnaires. We suggest setting yourself a reminder and be sure and complete your quarterly scans and use one of Honor’s trusted and PCI approved scanning vendors.

Get Covered

Our breach assurance can help cover up to $100,000 of fines in the case of a breach. For a small fee, you can help protect your business against fines and penalties levied by the card brands. Stay informed proactively and stay informed about card data security. The PCI counsel offers many resources. These are just a couple of brief highlights so always refer to the PCI Counsel for their complete list and guidelines.

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