Take control of payments and your revenue

Payment Facilitation

Payment Facilitation allows platforms to control their customer’s payment experience. Through our tools, software providers can enable payment acceptance, automate boarding, control funding and limit PCI exposure.

Card-Not-Present Applications

Embed our customizable and secure payments form or redirect to a secure page we host, perfect for application without a need for face-to-face transactions.

Card-Present Applications

Integrate CP applications for face-to-face payments and instantly board your merchants.

Control Funding

Support multiple deposit accounts. Spilt transactions and separate software fees, transaction costs, or any configuration your platform requires.

Instant Boarding

Board customers in seconds, not days. Embed the merchant application into your platform and prepopulate the required fields. For a faster implementation, use the hosted application and launch your Payfac program in days.

PCI Compliance

The PCI Council has different regulations for merchants using a Payfac versus traditional accounts. Avoid costly PCI fees and make compliance easier for customers.

Risk and Liability

We will handle the Risk and Liability for payments across your platform.


Seamlessly support ACH as part of your payments offering. Create one-time and re-occurring bank transfers.


Control pricing to support cost-plus or flat-rate models. We give you full control to set pricing for your merchants.